When I was a kid, you knew I liked a toy if I took it apart as soon as I had it in my hands.

About Ofer Maltiel: He liked to take apart his toys when he was a child.

With 20+ years of industry experience, I bring this same drive to understand the mechanics and find a solution to your most pressing needs.

We’re here to help you with mechanical design, simulation tools and services for your electro-mechanical systems.

Every project, product and design has its challenges. There are no easy answers. And sometimes there’s no expertise in-house and things stall.

Sometimes, I even managed to put it back together again too.

That’s why I founded HSS. We are here to help you deliver on your goals. You can expect dedicated experts to work with your team to find the right solution for any product design challenge.

With HSS, your project is not just a project…it matters!

Ofer Maltiel
Owner & Founder


HSS is proud to have a team of industry professionals to share their knowledge and deliver superior service. Collectively, our team represents nearly 60 years of experience in engineering, product design, and technology.

Ofer Maltiel

Founder & Principal Engineer

With 20 years experience in hardware design, product design and delivery, Ofer created HSS to help others solve their pressing business needs. Ofer sees companies from a people-first lens and loves working with other engineers to develop solutions collaboratively.

Ronny Mukherjee

Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned mechanical engineer, Ronny has spent over 10 years as a sales engineer assisting large design teams implement CAD and PDM platforms.

Tamara Maltiel Hudson Street Solutions Chief Operations Officer

Tamara Maltiel

Chief Operations Officer

With 10 years of experience in business strategy, particularly in cloud-based technologies, Tamara brings her expertise to help HSS operate smoothly. Her planning and management skills ensure that the HSS team can always meet its goals and deliverables, making us the technology partner your team can count on. 

Christine Pearsall

VP of Marketing

A 20-year veteran in FinTech, and most recently a senior executive at the PCB prototype manufacturing startup Tempo Automation.